Monday, September 15, 2008

Technician Steals Customer's Computer, Company Refuses To Refund

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a Geek Choice computer technician disappeared along with a school principals computer. Turns out he couldn't be found because he was in jail.

The company admitted that they don't run background checks on the "technicians" they're sending into a customer's house. Oh, and they also deny all responsibility and refuse to refund the computer because there's, "no evidence of the cost of what was stolen." But they will, "offer discounted future service. " Awesome, 10% off your next opportunity to get a computer stolen.

A few things come to mind here:
1) How many companies are there in the US just like Geek Choice?
2) How do companies like this stay in business?
3) Do consumers have some responsibility in checking out a computer company before they entrust their technology and data?
4) cat-man-du runs full background checks on ALL employees prior to hiring as well as an extensive interview process (we even require a clean driving record).

** The last is shameless self promotion :)

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