Thursday, October 30, 2008

Simple Candidate Comparison

OK, I normally write about customer service in the computer world, but with the election coming up I thought it would be important to stray a little (OK a lot). I believe that an informed voter is the key to our countries future, but I also believe that the amount of data about each candidate is overwhelming for some. So here is my attempt at a non- biased simple comparison. Enjoy.

John McCain

Economy -- Cut taxes, reduce government spending.
Iraq -- Voted for 2003 invasion and backed troop surge.
Iran -- Wants a league of democracies to escalate economic sanctions, refuses to rule out military solution if necessary. No unconditional diplomacy.
National Security -- Believes his military background best equips him for national security.
Illegal Immigration -- Believes undocumented workers in the US should be put on program for citizenship.
Abortion -- Wants to overturn Roe v Wade
Climate change -- Says climate change is real and threatening.
Health Care -- Favors tax incentives to encourage people to have personal health insurance.

Barack Obama

Economy -- Would repeal Bush tax cuts. Wants to renegotiate free trade deals. Quoted as wanting to "spread the wealth."
Iraq -- Opposed the war and says there is "no military solution". Opposed surge.
Iran -- Would meet w/ leaders without preconditions. Believes they would change their behavior if given incentives.
National Security -- Wants increased national security funding to be allocated to areas at risk.
Illegal Immigration -- Wants US-Mexico border better protected and backs stricter penalties for employers who hire undocumented workers.
Abortion -- Wants women to make their own choices on abortion.
Climate change -- Wants US to lead a global effort to combat climate change. Would invest $150bn over 10 years for clean energy.
Healthcare -- Backs universal healthcare and wants insurers to be unable to refuse coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

Happy Voting!

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